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Friday, 23 May 2008

CBT 70-270 CD1

Exam-Pack 70-270: Windows XPInstalling, Configuring, and Administering Windows XP Professional

The videos contained in this series covers the information that you will need to prepare for exam 70-270 - Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft Windows XP Professional. Exam 70-270 provides credit toward Microsoft's MCSE and MCSA certifications.
One look at Windows XP and you know there have been significant changes from previous Windows Operating Systems. At first there's excitement, "check out the cool interface" and "look at that neat fish screen saver", then there's irritation, "I can't do what I used to do the same way" and "What the stink!" and "Why the stink!". Many users will stall during step 2, and muddle around in irritation indefinitely. This Exam-Pack takes you to step 3, unlocking the incredible power, mastering the intricacies of every new feature, basically strapping a saddle on and riding the beast.
You'll learn how to deploy Windows XP quickly, without error and almost effortlessly with Remote Installation Services, the System Preparation tool, and many other XP enhancements. You'll see how to take remote control of a user's desktop to enhance your troubleshooting efforts. You'll understand the intuitive way that we can now add, manage and troubleshoot the resources and devices on your computer. You'll learn how to use the new application compatibility tools to ensure that the applications you depend on are up and running in Windows XP. The list goes on; you'll truly be the master of Windows XP. Yes, you want to pass the exam, and there definitely is comprehensive coverage of the exam objectives, but the real beauty of this series is the wealth of real-world knowledge you'll have when you're done. To really know Windows XP, to be able to wield it like the weapon of a samurai, will make all the difference in your abilities as a network administrator, as a systems engineer, and most importantly as an IT professional striving to maintain sanity and mental health.
The innovative approach used by CBT Nuggets provides hands-on experience through the eyes of the instructor. Go to our free videos section and view 2 of the videos from the Windows XP series for free.
The videos included in the Windows XP training pack are listed below:
- Intro to XP, Navigation and Desktop Settings- Installation of Windows XP- Advanced Installation Topics- Installing Windows XP with Remote Installation Services- Advanced RIS Concepts- Administration of Printers and Faxes- Managing and Troubleshooting Hardware Devices and Drivers- User and Hardware Profiles- Monitoring and Optimizing Performance and Reliability- Windows XP Performance Enhancements- Hard Disk and Removable Media Management- Remote Desktop- Remote Assistance - TCP/IP Concepts- Windows XP on Mobile Computers- Remote and Dial-Up Connections- Internet Connection Sharing and Internet Connection Firewall- Internet Explorer Security Configuration- Share and NTFS Permission Assignment- Implementing, Monitoring, and Troubleshooting Security- Application Compatibility- Disaster Recovery Tools
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Anonymous said...

Thank you
"Wrong password"!! Impossibly open archive.
And - Why name file 70290?! Not 70270cd1! Mistake name?

Latest Document said...

the pass include http://

you can copy in to winrar .

Anonymous said...

Not work...

Anonymous said...

password no good

Anonymous said...

It called 70-290 and the password doesnt' work.
Can you reupload the right files please ?

Ganesh said...

please provide th correct password.

Anonymous said...

I copied but it doesnt work.pass wrong. please provide correct poassword

Anonymous said...

First, thank you for all your fine uploads.

The files for "CBT 70-270 CD1" are actually labeled as "mscbt70290". Also, the regular password does not work, so there is no way to tell if this is actually 270 or perhaps 290 duplicates.

If you still have the CBT 70-270 CD1, can you please post it again for all of us? I for one would appreciate it!

Thank you!

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