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Tuesday, 24 June 2008

more CCNP books and lab

The new curriculum covers all the 4 modules of CCNP for Certification in detail. The course also covers the latest topics like Voice over Internet Protocol with CISCO IP Phones, Wireless LANs with CISCO Wireless Access Point, Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), Quality of Service (QoS), IPSec Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), IPv6 concepts, IPv6 Routing, Broadband Technologies (xDSL, Cable etc.,), Network Security with IOS based Firewall, IDS & IPS. As no WAN setup is complete without leased line/ISDN/VSAT etc., telecom devices like CSU/DSU, Telco MUX, and Channelized E1 will also be covered in practical setup.
Cisco CCNP Course Contents
* BSCI - (642-901)(Building Scalable Cisco Internetworks)

* BCMSN- (642-812)(Building Cisco Multilayer Switched Networks)

* ISCW - (642-825)(Implementing Secure Converged Wide Area Networks)

* OCT-(642-845)(Optimizing Cisco Converged Networks)
+* Introduction to CCIE

* Introduction to Network Security & Ethical Hacking

* Overview on Satellite Broadcasting & Radio Networks
Cisco CCNP Course DetailsBSCI - (642-901)(Building Cisco Scalable Internetworks)•
Managing Scalable Internetwork growth•
IP Addressing, VLSM, CIDR and Route Summarization•
IP Routing Principles•
Implementing OSPF in single area•
Interconnecting Multiple OSPF areas•
Implementing IS-IS routing protocol•
Operations and functions of EIGRP•
Implementing EIGRP in enterprise networks•
Basics concepts of BGP•
Advanced BGP Implementations and tuning•
Controlling Routing updates•
Policy Based Routing (PBR)•
Redistribution between Routing protocols•
Concepts of IP version 6 •
Configuring OSPF routing with IP version 6 addressing•
Configuring IP Multicast routingBCMSN- (642-812)(Building Multilayer Switched Networks)• Overview and Design of a Campus Network• Basic operations of Ethernet switches• VLANS and Trunks• VLAN Trunking protocol (VTP)• Aggregating switch links• Traditional Spanning-tree Protocol• Advanced Spanning-tree protocols• Spanning Tree protocol configuration and tuning• Multi-Layer switching• Router redundancy and load balancing• Monitoring Switched networks performance• Concepts of WLANs• Implementing and verifying WLANs operations• IP Telephony (VoIP)• Security implementations in Switched networks (802.1x,VACLs, DHCP Snooping..,)ISCW - (642-825)(Implementing Secure Converged Wide Area Networks)• Concepts of Cable (HFC) technologies• Overview on xDSL technologies• Configuring ADSL (PPPoE, PPPoA)• Basic concepts of MPLS and MPLS based VPNs• Configuring and verifying Frame-Mode MPLS• Components of IPSec• Operations of IPSec VPNs and GRE tunnels• Configuring Site-to-Site IPSec VPN/GRE tunnels with SDM• Configuring and verifying VPN backup interfaces• Network Security concepts (Attacks, Trojans, Worms, Viruses...,)• Configuring and verifying AAA for Cisco routers• Implementing IOS secure management features (SSH, SYSLOG, SNMP..,)• Operations of Cisco IOS firewall• Configuring and verifying Cisco IOS IPS (Intrusion Prevention System)OCT-(642-845)(Optimizing Cisco Converged Networks)• Basic Components and Operations of VoIP• Implementations of VoIP• QoS Strategies and implementations• Implementations of Diffserv QoS• Overview on Classification and Marking (CoS, ToS, IP Precedence..,)• Configuring NBAR for classification• Traffic congestion management (FIFO, PQ, WRR..,)• Traffic shaping and Traffic policing mechanisms• Configuring QoS Pre-Classify• Operations of Auto QoS• Configuring and verifying Auto QoS implementations• Configuring WLAN Security on Cisco Clients & Access Points (APs)• Basic WLAN management• Configuring WLAN QoS






(For labs they are using access server, so they telnet into routers with line numbers).
(Guys this NET_Config file i had created, if any one finds more optimize way PLZ share it)
image = C:\Documents and Settings\fable\My Documents\images\C3640-IK.BINidlepc = 0x605c8ad0ghostios = Truechassis = 3640
slot0 = NM-16ESWslot1 = NM-4T



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