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Saturday, 5 July 2008

Cisco Configuration Professional and Express v1.0

-Cisco Configuration Professional v1.0
-Cisco Configuration Professional Express v1.0

Cisco Configuration Professional is the new device manager for the ISRs and will replace SDM (Cisco Router and Security Device Manager) over time. Like SDM, Cisco Configuration Professional assumes a general understanding of networking technologies and terms but assists individuals unfamiliar with the Cisco CLI. Over time Cisco Configuration Professional functionality will expand to include more voice features and other technologies...
Cisco customers and partners who want to configure the router out of the box can use Cisco Configuration Professional Express. Cisco Configuration Professional Express is a GUI tool that is embedded in the flash of the router. This tool helps Cisco partners and customers with out-of-the-box configuration of access router LAN/WAN interfaces and minimal Cisco IOS Software security features

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Bharath Kondi said...

First of all.. you are awesome.. your work is double awesome.. thankyou so much bro.. thankyou is a small work..but still thanks alot yaarooo >:D<...

"Cisco Configuration Professional and Express v1.0"

part 1 password not working bro.. could you help me plzz..

Bharath Kondi said...

small word*

Chieu said...

Pls post pass4sure CSE 646-204. Thank so much !

Syed said...

Hi! I would also like to thank you for this awesome work. Can you tell me how to make this software work because it asks to insert the CD in the drive. With out it is not working.

Need response Urgent.

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