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Monday, 2 June 2008

Intro to Windows Server 2008 Training - Cool

Intro to Windows Server 2008 Training

Intro to Windows Server 2008 Training
6+ Hours of Windows Server 2008 Training on DVD, FREE with ALL Orders!
Order Online or give us a Call. We will automatically include a free copy of our Intro to Windows Server 2008 Training on DVD with every order that we ship.
Learn about IIS 7, Server Core, WDS, RODC, and much more!
Limited Quantities Available! This offer is only good until supplies run out. Want to learn more about Windows Server 2008? Well this is the perfect chance for you to get our FREE Windows Server 2008 Training. Just pick your favorite product from our wide selection of training videos, and we will Automatically send you this training absolutely FREE! You can't beat that, so hurry and get this great offer while supplies last!About this course:This course is a 6 hour training course to introduce you to Windows Server 2008. It will teach you about some of the neat new features that are available in Window Server 2008 and how to configure them. This course is just the beginning. We will be launching an entire Windows Server 2008 Training series that will include complete coverage of the MCITP certifications and much more, totaling over 150 hours of training. The Intro to Windows Server Training DVD is not an exam prep course and does not go into as much depth as our Windows Server 2008 training series will, but it gives you a great opportunity to get ahead of the crowd and start working on Windows Server 2008.Here's what we cover in our Intro to Windows Server 2008 Training Course:Installing Windows Server 2008 and Active Directory
Server Edition Check
Installation Procedure
Initial Configuration of Windows Server 2008
Adding Active Directory to Windows Server 2008
Promotion of a Windows 2008 server to a Domain Controller Active Directory Users and Groups in Windows Server 2008
Active Directory Review What's New in 2008
Windows Server 2008 Server Manager
Active Directory Auditing
Renaming the Administrator Account
Creating Users
Creating Groups
Adding Users to Groups
Event Viewer in Server 2008 Windows Server Core and DHCP Servers
What is Server Core?
What can Server Core do? Server Core Roles
How to Set the Admin Password in Server Core
Rename the Computer in Server Core
Join a Domain in Server Core
DHCP Role Installation
Critical Commands to know for Server Core
Set Up the Windows Firewall on Server 2008
Install RSAT
Create an MMC to Connect to Windows Server Core Windows Server 2008 File and Print Servers
What's New with File and Print Server
Install File Server Roles in Windows Server 2008
Create a Namespace
Setup Up Replication (DFS)
Add a Print Server to Windows Server 2008
Add a Network Printer
Print Management Console
Deployed Printers Windows Server 2008 Read Only Domain Controllers
What's a Read Only Domain Controller (RODC)
Advantages of Read Only Domain Controllers (RODC)
Steps to Deploy a Read Only Domain Controller (RODC)
RODC Role Installation
Password Replication
Pre-Populate a Password IIS 7 Web Servers
New Features in IIS 7
Role Installation
Selection of Modules
IIS Manager
Speed Up Your Index Page Load
Where to Put Your Files
Browse Your Site Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services
Terminal Services New Features
Remote Application
Installing a Terminal Server
Configuring RemoteApp Windows Deployment Services
Quick Intro to Imaging
Windows Deployment Services (WDS) Configuration Procedure
Installation of Windows Deployment Services (WDS) Role
Image Locations
Boot Image Import
Create Capture Boot Image
Create an Image Group
Add Install Images
Capture an Image
Deploy from Windows Deployment Services (WDS) Windows Server 2008 MCITP Certification Info
Upgrade Certifications
Features in Extended Server 2008

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9

R.lick and download with IDM ( not save target or download by IE )

When you download complete . You need Join 9 part . You have 1 file


Replace WDSV2008_VNDL.master8x ->WDSV2008_VNDL.rar -> OK

Unrar and Enjoy .


Anonymous said...

I not have file WDSV200_VNDL.master8x

Only files WDSV2008_VNDL.master8x.001 - WDSV2008_VNDL.master8x.009

What file I need rename?

Anonymous said...

you need Join 9 file . After Join , U have 1 file (WDSV200_VNDL.master8x)

Anonymous said...

password is

Anonymous said...

use HJSplite to join files

Anonymous said...

I can't download... I used IDM, but it turns to htm file when i download it.
can anyone help me?

Anonymous said...

Please try to upload on which would be appropriate me to download


Anonymous said...

These links are dead, the host domain is no longer valid and is up for sale.